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Advanced Control Systems Corporation designs, manufactures and supports a wide variety of application specific and general purpose motion control systems. In this catalog you should find exactly what you need.


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Science In Motion

Dependable, durable, low noise generating motion control systems for demanding synchrotron environments.

Science In Motion

Modular motion control systems, motor amplifiers & power supplies that conform to laboratory needs and budget.

Science In Motion

Customer demand driven and application specific new product & solution development.

Science In Motion

The Step-Pak Modular Motion Control System. Your system, your specification, your motor type on your budget.

Science In Motion

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The ACS Scientific MCB & SMC Series Integrated Stepping Motor Driver/Controllers allow for easy drive and control for up to four motors from a single board. Up to 8 MCB boards in a 19" rack can provide addressable drive and control for up up 32 motors.

The ACS Scientific Step-Pak™ Modular Motion Control System is used in laboratory and industrial environments around the world as an ideal solution for modular, flexible multi-axis stepping and servo motor drive and control.


The ACS Scientific MCR Series Integrated Stepping Motor Driver/Controllers provide simple rack or table mount 4 or 8 axis stepping motor power, drive and programmable control for a weath of applications. Ethernet communications make networking quick and easy.

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Design & Manufacturing

Made In The USA

All ACS Scientific Controllers, Motor Drivers, Servo Amplifiers, Interface Modules and Power Supplies are designed, developed, manufactured and assembled with great care, quality and efficiency at our facilities in the United States of America.

ACS Scientific Product Overview

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Multi-Axis Modular Motion Control System

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MCR-4 and MCR-8
Multi-Axis Stepper Motor
Driver / Controllers

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SMC & PMC Series
Stepper Motor
Driver / Controllers

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4-Axis Stepper Motor
Driver / Controller

ACS Scientific MCB-4B

Click Here for the MCB-4B Product Page

2-Axis Stepper Motor Controller

Click Here for the MCU-2 Product Page

Power Supplies and Amplifiers

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Accessories and Legacy Products

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